World Arthritis Day - Why My Mom Wore Blue


Two years ago my mother wrote a beautiful post in support of all of us living with #rheum. I cry every time I read it, because I am unbelievably fortunate to have a mother and family that GETS IT. I know that is rare. This is now the only way I know how to celebrate this day, to celebrate our strengths and courage, by sharing her words.

My Mother wrote this in support of me, but two years later she is now dealing with her own autoimmune arthritis demons. I share this again to say, I am here for you Mom, it’s my turn to understand. You’re afraid that you complain too much, when it is just the opposite. It is you and our family that have defined the words Strength - Courage - Love.  


As a child I feared and maybe swore, like all other children, that I would not become my mother. I know now that I will be lucky to selflessly exhibit love and caring the way she does, to keep my foot firm and throw elbows when needed, to know when it is okay to cry, and when it is best to laugh and cuss for the soul’s sake.

I love my family dearly, and I wouldn’t be who I am without them. Thank you Mom & Dad, Lil Bubbers, my dear Hubby, his family that has welcomed me with open arms, and all those friends that have defined what it truly means to be family.

To my entire chronic and #rheum community - here’s a toast to wearing blue today, because someday it will all be a distant memory why we had to in the first place. 

**To read my mother’s original post for World Arthritis Day, click here.

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