Rheum On The Road: Part 1

Just over my left shoulder is the call of a mountain that has taunted me for years.  Its hauntingly frigid beauty a beacon of hope, of crazy determination.  Over my right shoulder lies a stretch of remote road that will eventually lead me home.  I am situated between the excitement of my near and distant adventures.                   

Tomorrow begins the start of a road trip I was told I was crazy to take when my health was plummeting in recent weeks.  Then, by my mere agreement to go, it became a sign of mental and physical wellness to my rheumy and family.

Last Friday I flew to Alaska, where I lived during my teens, to visit some friends and break into my old high school to commemorate our ten year reunion.  Tomorrow I begin driving south with my oldest friend, to help him move to Los Angeles and pursue his dreams.

The irony being that I am driving away from the physical location of one of my biggest dreams.  After peering at the slopes of North America’s tallest mountain, Denali (Mt. McKinley to everyone outside of Alaska), I told myself I’d climb it some day.  It was an innate guttural response that I can’t explain.

Over the years, I have slowly lessened my grip on this crazy goal due to my ever-worsening arthritis, but after waking on the plane to see it staring me in the face, I knew what I must do. Climb that son of a bitch.

So, I write this to say two adventures begin tomorrow.  One long road trip through the Canadian wilderness where I will attempt to keep Arthur in check and blog about my ability to do so daily along the way. And the second, to actively begin a journey toward accomplishing a lifelong dreams.

Here I go.

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