Anonymous asked: I'm interested in applying for the scholarship but I don't think I qualify as an ePatient. Their definition is "An ePatient is a person who uses the Internet and its various digital platforms such as social media or smartphone applications to gather, disseminate, and/or record information about a medical condition to which he or she is personally connected." I've used apps to "gather and record" info about my RA but haven't been so public about it.. do you recommend applying anyway? Suggestions?

Hi Anon!

I’d say the fact that you submitted a question online, through a health related blog makes you an ePatient! Also, that definition is trying to give patients various examples of what might qualify them for the program. The Stanford Medicine X conference is geared to emerging health technologies as well as showcasing how patients and healthcare professionals are already using them for their own good or the greater good. 

I think if you have found greater good in using various healthcare technology, and have found community in that, and want to become a better advocate or even learn how to become one - then apply.  Check out the applications, and if it seems right for you and you think you can contribute to Medicine X 2013, apply! We all have to start somewhere!

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