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It is with a very heavy heart and tear stained eyes that I’m sharing with you that we lost a member of our rheum community yesterday, Laura of Still’s Life. She passed away due to complications of Still’s Disease.  

I was fortunate enough to count Laura as a friend and she will be dearly missed. She had a way of always remaining optimistic and supportive of those around her, no matter how bad her own pain was, and was an invaluable shoulder to lean on for those newly diagnosed with Still’s Disease.

I tell you this in hopes that you will send her family and friends warm thoughts as they struggle with her loss during the holiday season, and then maybe write that letter you’ve been meaning to write to your government asking for better funding for research.

Remember to be kind to those near and dear, and be kind to those you only meet in passing because you never know the depth of what someone is going through. 

May you be free from pain Laura, and rest in peace. 


Britt, and the entire rheum community

If you have an extra $5 (or more) this holiday season, please consider donating it to the Arthritis Research UK where a donation site has been set up in Laura’s name, a foundation she worked closely with. Thank you.


Laura with her Fiancé Matt - may your heart be this happy now that you’re free from pain.

A couple of beautiful tributes have also been written by friends of Laura’s:

Not Standing Still’s Disease and Chronic Curve. Please take a moment to read and if you don’t follow them already please do.

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