Happy Thanksgiving!

What I am Grateful For

On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to take the time to put into words what I’m thankful for.  The meaning of this holiday often gets slighted, and people forget to take the 5 minutes before stuffing their already full faces to share what they are most grateful for. This year, Black Friday – a day that went from excitement over surprising loved ones with gifts, to complete commercial showdowns – has now encroached on Thanksgiving itself.  I’ll barely have time to decimate the pie table before I’m encouraged to get in line to save on a 42” flat screen.  Ridiculous.

This is not what the holidays are about, and this year my family is making a concerted effort to get back to basics: time with family, good food and laughter. So here I present to you:

The 15 Things I am Particularly Grateful for Lately:

1. My Hubby: who still makes me laugh while working himself to the bone so that I might have a chance at recovering.

2. My Family: no matter when or where, they answer their phone, and did not judge my multiple F-bombs over medical frustration this week.

3. My REAL Friends: the ones who listen, and don’t just say, “Uh-huh” and wait for their turn to talk.

4. My Cat: no matter how cranky he gets, he never leaves my side.

5. The Rheum Community: Without you, I’d be lost.

6. My Heating Pad and Ice Packs: often the only things keeping me from complete meltdown.

7. Hobbies: knitting and reading allow my mind to focus on something other than pain and stress.

8. My Rheumy: who gets equally upset when I am misjudged or not properly cared for.

9. Access to Good Healthcare: I will never take for granted my right to choose my healthcare team, and not be forced into sub-par care.

10. Prescriptions Paid in Full: I don’t know how this happened, but I’m not complaining, and suddenly find it much easier to be med compliant ;)

11. Pain Meds: without you I’d be totally immobile.

12. Healthcare Advocates and Organizations: You help make my goals a reality by giving me a chance, and future generations will thank you for your hard work and selflessness.

13. Laughter and a Positive Attitude: being unhappy is a choice in a lot of ways.  No matter how bad it gets, I always remind myself someone else is dealing with a lot worse.

14. Lipstick and Blush: they can fool anyone into thinking I feel like a million bucks – including myself.

15. Non-Chronic People and Organizations That Care: those brief moments when I’m asked what life is like living with autoimmune arthritis restores my faith in the world. Their curiosity is veiled empathy.

What are you thankful for?

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